What is The Nature of Patterns?

When I first set up this newsletter, I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t. After a few false starts and a name change, we are finally here.

I did not have words for what the title The Nature of Patterns meant when it arose as a feeling. And I’ve come to discover this is the very Way that it illumines: the un-patterned Nature that gives rise to Pattern; the Unspeakable that gives rise to Speech.

It is the sacred Great Conversation that happens each moment. The rain murmurs to the soil. The wind whispers to the leaves. And with just a smile, we send love letters to each other’s souls.

Will you step inside with me into the Great Conversation?

What will be written about?

It is not fully clear what will unfold specifically, but there are some ideas here to start. I want to offer you excerpts and recommendations from my favorite spiritual works out of many spiritual, religions, and other wisdom traditions. Essays may be written from devotional dialogues with God. Suggestions and ideas may be offered to deepen your intimate communion with Divinity.

The truth is, I don’t know the mind of the Great One. She has already given me some places to shift this newsletter. Let us see where She takes us.

May these words refresh the soul of the world.

Who is the author?

I am a former web designer who had an awakening in 2014 that has completely upended his world. It has been a challenging, enriching, and deepening process. My life is entirely dedicated to the restoration of the Sacred in the Heart of humanity through this work and through Service. I am supported by Grace.

This newsletter is an all-in leap into the arms of the Universe.

All content is free

I do not feel to place this content behind a paywall. I may implement a donation tier if it is requested to offer ongoing support. For now, if you feel a pull to offer support for this writing, you may wish to check out the offerings in our Etsy store.

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The Nature of Patterns
When was the last time you let feeling lead you? We bring devotional meditations, questions to bring you Inside, and friendship.